Friday, April 18, 2008

India looks at Namibia for uranium supply, UPI says

India said it is exploring the option of sourcing uranium from countries such as Namibia that are not members of the Nuclear Suppliers Group, UPI reported.
The government initiated talks with authorities from Namibia and Niger for a long-term relationship in uranium supply. A senior official of the Department of Atomic Energy said India's request has been conveyed to Namibian Prime Minister Nahas Angula.
India is restricted from sourcing uranium from the 45-member NSG, which controls global nuclear commerce, as it is not party to the nuclear nonproliferation treaty, The Business Line newspaper reported
Namibia, Niger and Uzbekistan are among the non-NSG countries that produce sizable amounts of uranium. The official said India could face trouble as both countries are signatories to the African Nuclear Weapon Free Zone Treaty, which aims to establish a nuclear-free zone in Africa.
The Indo-U.S. civilian nuclear deal, which has run into trouble in India because of opposition from the government's left-party allies, seeks to provide a special exemption to India from the NSG precondition.

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