Tuesday, March 25, 2008

OGI Systems granted contract with Julius Klein Diamond Namibia, diamondintelligence.com reports

(www.diamondintelligence.com)-OGI Systems Ltd., creator of advanced technological tools for diamond designing manufacturing, has been granted a contact to be the main supplier for the Julius Klein Diamond (JKD) company in Namibia.
OGI Systems will supply machines for measuring and marking diamonds to JKD’s recently established factory in Windhoek.
Commenting on the contract, Daniel Ben Jano, OGI Systems Chief Executive Officer, says that “this association with JKD illustrates the directo control of OGI Systems Ltd. as the main supplier of Technological solutions for [DTC] sightholder firms.”
OGI Systems has developed an advanced USB technology used in laser marking of diamonds as well as in rough planning and laser scanning (www.diamondintelligence.com)

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